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Expansion Packs for Yamaha Arrangers

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DEMO Expansion Pack
for Yamaha Tyros 5, Genos, PSR 975, 775, 970, 770, A3000

Not ready to buy? Test it first!

Although we make many promotional videos with the different sounds of our packs, many visitors are afraid to buy the packs because they don't believe that actually the sounds on the videos are the same with these on the expansion packs!
So here we are...
We offer you a DEMO Pack in order to test the sound quality on your own keyboard!
The only you have to do is send us your keyboard info file.
The DEMO Pack is a .ppi (Pack Installation File) and not .ppf (Pack Project Files) as the Expansion Packs we sale.
So you can install the DEMO Pack on your keyboard but you can't import the data on YEM in order to modify them.
Instructions on how to export the info file from your keyboard you can find on the manual of your keyboard.
• Some of the voices of the DEMO Pack may layered only partial on the keyboard, or may contain less samples than the original commercial voices.
• By asking for this DEMO Pack you automatically subscribe to our periodically newsletter where we send you information from time to time about our new packs and also special offers. If you don't like to get our newsletter DON'T ASK for the DEMO Pack.
1) Fill your email, in order to send you the demo
Please double check also your SPAM folder because sometimes the email goes there by mistake.